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I am passionate about functional beauty.

Over the years my preferred art form has changed including things like web design, photography, fractals, sketching, origami, jewelry, painting, illustrations, pastels, culinary creations, stenciling, landscape design, stamping, scrap-booking, quilting, costume design, fashion and interior design.

The only art forms I don't think I've really dived into are sculpting, beyond play-doh - believe me, you want me on your team for Cranium.  Oh! And glass blowing - which I really really want to do someday!

Right now, I am most excited about surface design.


Designing fabrics is an amazing art form that brings together color, texture and whimsy into everyday life.

As I love to inspire others to create beauty in their own lives, my fabric and wallpaper designs empower you to imagine and make your own creations - anything from clothing to accessories, quilts to stuffed animals, a unique home decor accent to a special little one's nursery.

As Seen In HGTV

One of Jennifer's designs, Large Colorful Striped Leaves, was featured as a wallpaper in the High/Low List section of the HGTV Magazine July/August 2015 issue - as the high end designer option!

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