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Author, artist, and entrepreneur...

Jenn loves to inspire, challenge and transform the mediocre into the extraordinary.  Whether an app, a blank page, a business or an individual's life, she sees the potential within and shares ideas, strategies and tools to bring out the best.  Her dream is to connect, share and motivate others through her art, books and speaking engagements.

She has over 17 years experience in project management, business analysis, web development, user experience & graphic design.  Her books cover her experiences in technology, personal empowerment, weight loss, motherhood and creating dreams. H

Jenn lives in Southern California, is an avid Pixar fan and lover of Post-It's. She's a momma to a trend-setting toddler and wife to an amateur disc golfer.

"Other people out there have looked at their dreams, decided it was time to make them a reality and are taking action.  You can too! All it takes is the courage to take that first step."

Books by Jennifer Colucci


10 Steps to Become a Successful Mompreneur:
How to keep sane, make money & build your dreams while raising a family.

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Body & Soul:
Tips and motivation to empower your own personal transformation.

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